Smart Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) Solution

Track, manage and report on Environment, Health and Safety from anywhere, any time.

The need of E.H.S Solution for enterprises

If you want your workforce to give their 100% toward the safety culture of your organization, then it’s your responsibility to make the process entirely simple for them. Having an EHS solution for your enterprise will only strengthen your employee engagement and ensure workers that don’t have a critical role to play when it comes to safety. EHS mobile app solution allows workers to seamlessly report incidences, check machinery, raise observations of incidences, and near misses, directly from anywhere, anytime.

Why Enterprise Must Have Our EHS Solution ?

Our EHS app is a comprehensive solution exclusively designed for enterprise workforce. The multi-featured solution has a user friendly interface through which the workforce can check equipments, raise observations, report incidents and get approval from higher authorities on the go. With such a system in place, improving employee safety becomes absolutely easy.

Benefits for Enterprises

  • Improved Employee Engagement.
  • 100% Assured Employee Safety.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Performance.
  • Reduced Risks.
  • Improved ROI, Growth.
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Monitor, investigate and report on incidents with the user-friendly mobile app.


Communicate hazards and controls on the go.

Performance & check

Perform the everyday equipment checking without any hassle.

Track Your Targets

Raise observations for faulty or missing equipment.


Submit safety observations in real time and help authorities make corrective actions that prevent future incidents from occurring.

Expense Tracking

Address to critical incidents from anywhere, anytime to ensure 100%workforce safety..

Daily Reports and Dashboards

Improve productivity and efficiency of equipment and workforce.

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