Critical Equipment Monitoring Solution

Critical Equipment Monitoring Solution

Automate, Simplify Equipment Monitoring and Improve Customer Satisfaction

Why Critical Equipment Monitoring and Management Is Quintessential for Enterprises

There is at least a critical equipment for every industry. Specially, industries like facility management, construction, manufacturing spend 80% of their time in equipment maintenance for preventing downtime or failures as this would impact their operations costs, in addition to looming safety risks and losing customers’ confidences. Tracking the equipment efficiency accurately is a must to improve customer satisfaction.

Automating the product or asset monitoring process is the best way to reduce the onus on the workforce and improve their productivity, in addition to fixing the equipment-related issues on-time. Smart enterprises are investing in the critical equipment management solution to improve their overall equipment efficiency and customer satisfaction.

How Our Critical Equipment Management Solution Will Help Your Enterprise

Our Critical Equipment Monitoring Solution aids in monitoring the health of industrial equipment, accurately predict failures, downtime and enables the enterprises to ensure deliver improved equipment efficiency to help their end users achieve unparalleled customer satisfaction.

The solution coupled with a mobile app and powerful CMS will simplify the backbreaking and time consuming asset monitoring operations and will help them notify the failures instantly to the C-level executives.


  • Automates asset monitoring, tracking.
  • Improves workforce operations.
  • Provides real-time data on asset conditions.
  • Helps foresee equipment performance.
  • Reduces operational costs.
  • Improves equipment efficiency.
  • Reduces safety risks.
  • Faster decision making.
  • Helps deliver amazing customer satisfaction .

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On-the-Go Asset Tracking

A mobile app solution for your workforce to track and monitor the health of equipment from anywhere, anytime.

QR-Code Scanner

The workforce can seamlessly use the QR-code scanner to identify the equipment they should monitor. Every equipment has a QR code.


The staff can monitor any equipment’s efficiency even in limited network connectivity zones.

Powerful CMS

The app is connected to a powerful CMS through which the C-level executives will manage equipment performance data, make better decisions. Allows to manage multiple customers in a single window.

100% Data Accuracy

Automated solution to monitor equipment and capture data. Eliminate false or misleading data to avoid potential safety risks and prevent equipment failure.

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