Asset Life-cycle & Management Solution

Powerful Asset Lifecycle & Management Solution

Gain Complete Control on Your Assets for Improved Productivity

Why Asset Lifecycle Management Is A Must for Enterprises

Enterprise asset management has got more than what meets the eye. It’s not just about maintenance and asset accounting. It is all about garnering the complete data of assets during inventory, engineering, construction and operations & maintenance. Only a comprehensive asset tracking and management solution can help enterprises supercharge their productivity at reduced costs.

How Our Asset Lifecycle Management Solution Will Improve Enterprise Productivity

Enhance asset management for entire life cycle, from acquisition to disposal, by optimizing asset performance for reducing expenditure.


  • Seamless asset ROI calculation.
  • Reduced time to track assets.
  • Single window to track assets across all site.
  • Generates reports to garner insights.
  • Helps monitor real-time asset condition.
  • Captures cost codes and management structures.

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Key Features of Our Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Location Tracking

Helps to track equipment based on location, types and groups.


Links assets to components for streamlined maintenance and refurbishment.

Track Your Targets

Improves asset tracking through integrated laser-etched QR codes.


Evaluate an asset’s true cost of over a time period to calculate asset depreciation.


Enables to monitor asset inventory and movement to analyze performance.

Plan & Efficiency

Enables to compare planned vs. actual equipment efficiency.

Expense Tracking

Enables to compare planned maintenance costs with expenditure.

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