Ticket Booking App
Android, iOS
Project Summary

Helped TicketGoose.com, a leading bus ticketing portal, change gears completely when moving its app from web to the mobile platform. Added several new functionalities like GPS alarm, Notify a friend, Travel to pick up point & Frequent trip details. Albeit retained its core value proposition of usability & speed where users can book tickets in three clicks. Presented vehicles and operators info graphically for comparisons. In short made ‘move to mobile’ actually ‘scale to mobile’ for an exceptional user experience.

Mobile App Screens

  • Dynamic Bus Seat Layout - Application will draw the seat layout dynamically based on the bus type
  • Bus tracking - Passenger has track the bus location & directions to pick up point.
  • GPS alarm & Buddy Alert - Application has inbuilt feature - gps alarm to wake up the passenger based on the distance to destination and also alerts passenger friends.

Appreciate the great prototype you built. Your focus on UX has added immense value to the end product. Our customers are delighted with the app. Thanks for your customer first attitude. Been great to have you as our partners.

Arun Athiappan, CEO & Co-founder
Ticket goose