Blending Speed with Intelligence for Effective Sales
Design, Development
Project Summary

A multi-platform digital assistant for Sales Teams and Management to ‘digitally’ manage the entire sales process and reduce time spent in email, paper work, reporting, and status update meetings/calls. On the field sales staff log in their attendance & time with real time punch-in and punch-out, view task lists & calls with geo tagged locations, track, manage and report their customer visits and calls through real time calendar, log customer issues and track closure, and get knowledge nuggets and competitor intelligence – through mobile and tablet. Sales Management dynamically tracks the entire Sales process, performance, and review – through a web app; and take information–driven decisions powered by real time dashboards.

App Screens

  • Simple, easy to use, secure, powerful mobile and web application for automation of Sales Reporting
  • Integration with client’s information systems
  • Integrates all key elements of daily Sales activities into one mobile app to serve as an on-the- go, 24/7 personal digital assistant
  • 50% reduction in time spent in reporting and tracking
  • Digital management of sales data for historical & comparative analysis, performance evaluation, and faster, intelligent decision making

The experience of working with hakuna matata has been excellent. Your team was responsive, and ably managed the project scope and our requirements & expectations.

Jaya Sankar, Business Head India
ROCA Bathroom Products Private Limited