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Teilen Infoservices
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Project Summary

When the opportunity was to build a cool real time ridesharing app, we took the long, tough ride  through excellence. A strong algorithm that matches the routes, times and preferences of ride givers  and ride seekers with focus on zero wait time and detours. Add to that payment gateway with a  simple, fast, transparent billing and payment process. Plus features like creating travel plans and know the progress through alerts, without having constantly checking the app. It was a ride to remember for the team.

Mobile App Screens

  • Real time ride sharing application
  • Route matching algorithm to pair ride giver & taker with out any detour
  • Advanced ELK stack to analyze user behaviour

Team Hakuna Matata is a great bunch of passionate people and they are highly proactive with an entrepreneur approach. We did have our doubts about their abilities to deliver highly complex route-matching algorithm, but we were proven wrong. I would highly recommend them.

Nikhil Agrawal, ‎Co-founder & CEO
Teilen Infoservices