At Hakunamatata, every client is unique; every engagement is an opportunity to get it right the first time; and every solution or an app is a chance to create tangible, attributable, exceptional business impact.


  • Listen to our customers, understand their industry, unique challenges & opportunities, and gain a good grasp of their requirements.
  • Focus on building a relationship of trust, integrity, transparency and collaboration.
  • Provide complete visibility and access to the methodology and development process for the client to track and monitor


  • Build and sustain a test driven development, where every solution is tested to exacting industry standards before delivered
  • Visualize the scenarios; Design for the user; and Develop according to mutually agreed upon wireframes and storyboards.


  • Use right technology, robust technology and cutting edge technologies. Keep in perspective scalability, future trends & requirements, and ROI.
  • Seek feedback and go the extra mile to meet and exceed expectations.


Process flow


Testing flow

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