IOT - Internet Of Things

We know that IOT is not merely a hot topic, but a game changer for industries across the spectrum. Taking a step further, at Hakuna Matata, we are engaged in leveraging the potential of IOT in enabling businesses.

  • become more intelligent about the world their products and services operate in,
  • connect to their customers in ways hitherto unimagined, and
  • offer better solutions and experience.

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Our approach is as simple & powerful as IOT’s concept of - enabling devices to communicate intelligently through the internet.


    Work with the client in the IOT strategy and thinking through the entire process – determining how creating and modifying existing products and services will change the user or customer experience.

    Choose the right hardware and cloud infrastructure.


    Design and develop the IOT application focusing on delivering impeccable customer experience, as well as gaining business insights into customers and recurring revenue opportunities.


    Build analytics capability for business intelligence and scalability to extending the infrastructure to other business processes.

    Provide reliable, on-time support that enables the IOT solution keep its true promise – real time engagement.

"Hakuna Matata Solutions always delivered exactly what we wanted."
Roberto BadôCTO @ Healwheel

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