Today, maintaining an IT infrastructure and building & managing apps have become cost-effective, easy and efficient thanks to Cloud Computing. With Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) companies can use an existing infrastructure on a pay-per- use to save on the cost of investing to acquire, manage and maintain an IT infrastructure. And with

At hakuna matata, we endeavor to integrate the power of Cloud into your application development roadmap. We work with a range of cloud services – Amazon EC2, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure and Digital Ocean.


Our Services include

  • Analyse your IT infra and application development & management requirements to help you choose the right platform and technology stack
  • Build apps that are highly scalable, accessible and available
  • Migrate your existing apps to cloud platform

Why choose us?

Focus on you

We work with a variety of cloud solutions and focus on choosing and customizing the right platform that enables the success of your application, bring in cost efficiencies and achieve your business goals.


We look at Cloud as a long-term strategy, not a quick fix solution for cost efficiencies. We seek to maximize the possibilities and impact of Cloud by leveraging its multiple advantages in the long run.


Long before Cloud has become a buzz word, we have utilized its power and advantage in a variety of mobile applications for diverse industries. Our choice of Cloud for a client is always based on sound technology and business logic.

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